Amplifiers For A Great Sounding Stereo Sound System

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Amplifiers are devices that are essential in the improvement of the sound quality of a stereo sound system. They imitate the original signal heightening them further and as a result produce a far clearer and louder sound. Great sounding

amplifiers prevent signal distortions, there by avoiding unnecessary noises that may affect the quality of sound when you play your vinyl, cd’s or MP3′s.

Basically, amplifiers form very important elements of a speaker. Electronics like computers, stereos, laptops, television sets and CD players come with speakers to produce sound. These sounds get transmitted via air particles that form

the pulse and these fluctuations present in the air are picked up by the human ears. These signals are then changed to electrical signals that are later transmitted to the brain.

Signal amplification is a highly sensitive task since musical sound contains numerous frequencies. In avoiding changes in wave form and sound quality, all frequencies should be amplified by the same factors. To accord better output, an

effective amplifier should be able to multiply amplitudes of various frequencies in a form factor of the same wave. Many distortions will result if frequencies are multiplied by differing amplitudes. Amplifiers should provide sufficient

power to improve loudspeakers.

To drive the loudspeakers, power amplifier uses the “line-level” audio signal provided by the preamplifier while an integrated amplifier mixes the functions of input switching, tone control and volume with power amplification. Both the

integrated amplifiers and preamplifier/power combinations are commonly used by audiophiles. Availability of audiophile amplifiers are based on semi-conductor or solid-state technology and vacuum tube technology.

Tube amplifiers are commonly used in musical instruments that differ primarily from other stereos or hi-fi amplifiers. Built-in stereo amplifiers in stereo equipments are totally free from distortions while musical instrument amplifiers

are usually distorted thus musicians set the basic settings to provide a more expressive sound. Tube amplifiers work differently from a solid state amplifier by getting more distorted signals before getting clipped. The distortion slowly

increases getting faster as the amplifier starts to clip. Solid state amplifier on the other hand work differently compared to older tube technology as their signal has no distortions until the point of clipping.

Amplifiers used on computers, microphones,CD players, television sets, car audio systems and even guitars serve to enhance the total quality of sounds on these musical instruments or audio devices. They come in various types or models

and here are the features to look for in determining the importance of good equipment:

• OHM • RMS Power • MOSFET • Preamp Output • Bridged Power • Built-in Crossovers

Two major amplifier types include Stereo amplifiers and Surround amplifiers. Stereo is the customary two-channel kind which is used to play music recorded in two channels in formats like vinyl records, stereo audio cassettes and CDs.

Surround amplification on the other hand has the capability of processing sounds of up to six channels.

Furthermore, amplifiers are categorized according to class and as to how many watts and differing efficiency ratings that basically include the following:

1. Class A – mostly a Linear type using a full signal cycle and powered by an output device or an electricity conducted transistor 2. Class B – otherwise called the “push-pull” amplifier due to its usage of two output devices. It has circuit parts which has the capacity to control the positive and negative halves of a signal 3. Class AB – with features that run similar to classes A and B that speak of a “push-pull” advance technology and accord excellent quality of sound 4. Class D – conducted by audio signal that makes use of PWM or Pulse Width Modulation and is often called the switching amplifier

Some good brands or companies making solid state quality amplifiers are available in the markets today.  Kenwood, Alpine, Sony, Crown, Marshall and Yamaha all make a quality product and are safe bets if yhou are in the market for a solid

state unit. These manufacturers are well known and have high ratings for quality as proven by excellent customer reviews.